Ways to Learn Spelling Words and HFW's

              Ms. Barbour's Class

      Ways to Help Learn HFW's and Spelling Words


  1. Type words on a computer
  2. Spell words into a tape recorder- then write word-play recording again to check spelling
  3. Write words on individual size chalkboard or white boards with dry-erase markers
  4. Write words on paper or cards using different colors
  5. Spell words to someone orally-use each in a sentence
  6. Break words into syllables, looking for words within the whole word that you already know
  7. Use your spelling words in your stories
  8. Use sand trays, salt or Cream of Wheat to practice writing the words
  9. Trace words onto sand paper and cut out the words-practice feeling the shape of the letters in the words
  10. Look through old magazines or newspapers and cut out any spelling words you see-paste words on a plain sheet of paper and illustrate
  11. Use modeling clay and shape into letters to spell the words
  12. Write the words on 3x5 cards on front and draw a picture or use in a sentence on the back
  13. Make a crossword puzzle with the words
  14. Visualize the words by closing your eyes and having someone write the words on your back with their finger
  15. Practice the words in order-read, trace, copy, cover and write the word again from memory
  16. Write words on strips of tagboard, making each letter large, then glue rice, beans, unpopped popcorn or yarn onto the letters
  17. Have Mom or Dad provide you with sets of four words, one correctly spelled, you have to pick the one that’s spelled right ( home:  hoem   hmoe  mohe   home)
  18. Write a letter to your teacher, a parent, or a friend using the spelling words
  19. Cut out letters from brightly colored construction paper and paste onto another sheet of paper to spell the words
  20. Use magnetic letters to spell the words