Wish List




                                           Bear Clip art          

Hi parents,

The following are some of the items needed throughout the school year. I would be grateful if you could help with one of the following. Thank you for your cooperation.


  • Glue sticks
  •  Kleenex
  •  Clorox wipes
  •  Pencils
  •  Baby wipes
  •  Copy paper (white or color)
  •  Expo markers
  •  Sticky notes
  •  Index cards (plain white or lined)
  •  Small items for our treasure box and store (i.e. small toys, school supplies, snacks, etc..)
  •  P.E. equipment (bouncy balls, basketballs, soccer balls, etc)
  •  Art supplies (water colors (Crayola brand), brushes, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, small & large paper plates, etc.) 
  •  Reading books (for classroom libraries)