Weekly News and Homework

Our Weekly News and Homework




  • Holiday Boutique
  • Holiday Helper Donations are due
  • Every Wednesday will be an early release day. Students are dismissed at 1:50 pm



  • Book Exchange books due
  • Oral Language Project due

Upcoming Events:

December 19: Holiday Celebration

December 20: Family Friday and Class Book Exchange

Classroom Book Exchange

As a fun activity to welcome the holiday season, the students will be having aBook Exchangeon Friday, December 20th.Each student is asked to bring awrappedbook.If you are not sure what book to get, simply ask your child what they like to read. The book exchange is not meant to be costly, so please spend no more than $5-$7 on a book.

Pleasesend the wrapped bookwith a tag signed “from (your child’s name)”to school by Friday, Dec. 13th.That way I will have time to find donations so that everyone can participate.

Homework for December 6th - 13th

**Oral Language:

In Social Studies, we have been learning about different cultures.This week's presentation will be about your child's cultural background/heritage.Your child should talk about where his/her family was originally from.(Everyone is from somewhere else unless your family is Native American!) It should also include a family tradition that you have.Your child should bring a VISUAL AID to go with his/her presentation. It could be a photograph, picture, or artifact.The presentation will bedue on Friday,December 13thfor ALL students.

I will be giving a grade for BOTH Oral Language based on whether your child speaks clearly with expression, uses appropriate volume and tone, and makes eye contact during the presentation AND Social Studies based on the content of the presentation and the visual aid. Please help your child prepare and practice his/her presentation. The presentation should be memorized and contain a minimum of 3 details about the culture.I do not require a written copy of the presentation.

*High Frequency Words:

  • Please practice the HFW for Unit 3 listed on back of your child's folder.


  • Please have your child read for 20 minutes each night.

*RAZ-Kids:Instructions to access Raz Kids online.

  1. Go tohttp://www.raz-kids.com.
  2. Click on Log-in.
  3. Username: Type in “eikleberry1” for Mrs. Eikleberry’s class.
  4. Click on your name.
  5. Password: Type in your student id. number (lunch number)
  6. Click on the Reading Room.
  7. Click on the headphones to listen to the story.
  8. Click on the book to read the story (students need to read the story independently).
  9. Click on the question mark to take a comprehension test (students need to take the test independently). If they do not pass they can go back and reread the story and take the test again.
  10. Then read the next book.


1. Log ontomycnusd.
2. SelectPre-K-5thfrom the apps tab on the left of your screen.
3.SelectBenchmark Universe
4.SelectMy Assignments

Please click and choose an activity from The Daily Home Activity Calendar. We will be using this calendar for the next 3 weeks. You may want to print a copy and place it on the refrigerator to check off the activities as they are completed.

Unit 3 Daily Home Activity Calendar

Contributions:If you would like to donate any items for the classroom, please visit the “Wish List” on my class website. Thank you!!