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Spelling Activities

All of the following activities are suggestions to help your child practice his/her spelling words.

(Choose one of the following activities each night).


Open Book
  1. Write a story or a scene using spelling words.
  2. Make a word book.
  3. Spell and say the word yourself.
  4. Look up the meanings of the words in the dictionary.
  5. Use the computer to type the words out.

Logical Mathematical

Math Symbols
  1. Write the words in a pattern. (ex. write the vowels in red and the consonants in blue).
  2. Play hangman with the spelling words.
  3. Play "Go Fish"
  4. Have someone write the words scrambled and try to unscramble the letters.
  5. Make a crossword puzzle with the words.
  6. Create a word search using the spelling words.

Bodily Kinesthetic

  1. Write the words in shaving cream.
  2. Use sign language to spell words.
  3. Spell words in play dough.
  4. Jump up and down and/or clap the letters spelling out the words.
  5. Put hair gel in a zip lock bag. Place the bag over a card with the words written on it and trace the word with your finger.


  1. Use yarn and glue to spell the words.
  2. Use macaroni or cereal and glue to spell words.
  3. Cut letters from magazines to make the spelling words.
  4. Make and use flash cards.
  5. Draw a picture to go along with each spelling word.


  1. Sing spelling words or letters of spelling words to a friend or family member.
  2. Make up a song using all of the spelling words.
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