Building Community

How can I help out the class?

There are several ways to help our class! All are welcomed!

I absolutely love having parents participate inside of our classroom, whether it is working with our students during small groups, helping me with clerical work, or volunteering with major events. Please feel free to contact me at erica.ramirez@cnusd.k12.ca.us if you are interested or if you have another idea to help out!

Another way to help is through Donors Choose. 

What is Donors Choose?

DonorsChoose.org is a United States–based nonprofit organization that allows individuals to donate directly to public school classroom projects. You can see exactly where your money is going and exactly WHY we need it on our classroom. Please see the individual projects for more details.  

Please click here to donate directly to our classroom! 

Grades and Assignments

What is your grading policy?

Typically, assessments, such as tests, quizzes, and projects, are graded out of a percentage scale, whereas homework and classwork are graded based off of completion. 

What is your homework policy?

My homework policy is all or nothing. Students turn in homework for a completion score for their efforts. I do not accept late assignments unless the student was absent. 

Where can I get another copy of the Reading Log?

Click here to get a copy of the reading log. Please feel free to print it or write it on a separate piece of paper. 


What is your class economy?


Our class economy consists of students having jobs, paying for rent, and paying fines. 

We have several jobs including:

  • 2 Accountants
  • 4 Police Officers
  • 1 Teacher's Assistant
  • 1 Custodian
  • 1 Postal Carrier
  • 1 Light Crew
  • 1 Line Leader
  • 2 Clerks
  • 1 Time Keeper
  • 1 Computer Manager
  • 1 Attendance Manager

Students pay rent for using their desk, as it simulates the real world. For each month, the rent is $700, but it is always subject to change. They need to pay the rent every 1st of the month. 

What if students do not earn a job?

Let me be clear. The job listed above are class jobs to create our class economy. In reality, our children's job is to be students. Therefore, the most important way to earn money is to turn in homework daily. Students can earn $25 a day for homework, but it is all or nothing. This means that they must completed their homework correctly and neatly and turn it on time, otherwise they are fined $25. 

How do I or the students keep track of their money?

All of the students have a virtual bank account. Students can check their bank accounts by logging into their Chevalier Bank Inc.  account. Each student has their own account and can check it at any time. In their bank accounts, students can see why money was either withdrawn or added to their account. 

What is the link to the Chevalier Bank Inc.?

Click here to access accounts. 

What happens if the student has extra money?

After rent is paid, students may have extra money. With this extra money, students can purchase different privileges or items. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Homework pass
  • Extra Free Time
  • Sit next to a friend for a day
  • Pick a game that the class will play
  • Extra credit test points
  • Pencils

What happens if the student goes into debt?

If a student goes into debt (yes, it really happens), then the student needs to work the debt off. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Loss of recess
  • Extra assignments
  • Picking up trash

How can the student's earn bonus cash?

Student can earn bonus cash in several ways! Remember, bonus cash is in addition to their salary.  They do not need a job in order to make their rent every month, but they might not have enough money to purchase privileges. Here are some was students can earn extra class cash (*It should also be noted that only the teacher may give bonus cash):

  • Team Points (daily) - various amounts. Each team point is worth $10. 
  • Helping others- various amounts
  • Cleaning up- $30 (daily)
  • Bank notes- various amounts. Bank notes are redeemable "checks" that students need to deposit into their accounts. 

How do students get fined?

Just as students can earn bonus cash, they can also be fined. Students can be fined in several ways. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Missing homework = $25 
  • Getting a drink of water during class= $10
  • Using the restroom during class = $20
  • Forgetting to move attendance magnet = $10
  • Not checking mailbox/cubbies before leaving= $30
  • Talking while the teacher is talking = various amounts
  • Talking during a test or quiz= $500

*I reserve the right to fine accordingly.