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Tips For Parents

Tips for Supporting Your Child


*With these tips in mind, you can increase your support for your son and/or daughter

  1. Periodically (but not continuously) communicate to your child the importance of education. How it helps us mentally and for our future success.

  2. Build up your child's confidence and self-esteem (Compliments!:)). Include encouragement to your child whenever possible (YOU CAN or I BELIEVE IN YOU!).

  3. Work with your child to help him or her develop a positive attitude toward homework and school. Help get them excited about homework and school. Talk about school (How was your day? What was the best thing about school? What did you learn about today?)

  4. Make sure your child has a healthy diet. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Make sure your child is nourished and has the energy to learn. Healthy food is great for your child's development.

  5. Be a good listener. Make it a point to give your child eye contact and your undivided attention. Use receptive communication (Restate what they said to show them you were listening and then ask a question)

  6. Be available to discuss problems your child is having, whether they are large or small. No matter how big or small a problem is to a child, it is always a big deal. So listen and help them through it.

  7. Set up your child's time schedule to include a balance of work, play, and study. Children work well with consistency. Schedules help your child to accomplish what needs to be done, including homework. 

  8. Establish a time for sharing and caring (Ride home from school or dinner time)

  9. Take part in your child's education. Be active in his or her school (talk with the front desk to see how you can be involved at their school). 



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